A Community of Verified Users

Know More about People

RagVim People is a community of real & verified people by their name, photograph, email address, phone no. and Government issued ID. By registering in this community, you can avail various exclusive services offered by RagVim and affiliated websites. You verify yourself only once here and no need to verify on any service again. None of your verification data is shared with anyone and is kept safe under strict measures.

Digital Visiting Card

Save paper and cost on your visiting cards by creating your digital vCard with more benefits.


  • QR based and easy link to share

  • Added to phonebook in single tap

  • Save cost of paper printed cards

  • Update your details anytime

  • Restrict un-authorised access

  • Track views and even users having it

Introducing LOQR

Turning mobile phones of your people into their access cards

  • A Contactless, Digital and Safe Access Management Solution
  • Can control all types of electronic/magnetic locks
  • Use camera of your mobile phone to authenticate and enter within a second

Your Online Identity

Being in this community, you have your real online identity even without disclosing your real identity. Only your public profile can be accessed through your mobile no. and that too as per your privacy settings.

Rahul Kashyap

  Software Developer

Why Join People

Public Appreance

You will be able to create a profile with name & photograph that can be accessible through just your mobile no. or unique ID.

Online Identity

You will be creating your online identity as a real and verified user even without sharing any of your real information.

Applications Access

Our services Wiish Ridesharing & Violet digital wallet need you to be verified by Govt. ID as safety & trustworthiness is a must there.

Identity Protection

You verify your identity only once here and that is never shared even with affiliated services. Your data is kept safe with strict measures.